Pharmacy Drive Thru Equipment

In a lifetime, at least everyone tastes prescription drugs at some point. This means that health is a basic need and almost all of us should be keen on issues concerning our health. A pharmacy can therefore be quite busy. As such, the pharmacy drive thru equipment is applied in order to improve the overall efficiency in serving customers.

There are two major forms of the pharmacy drive thru equipment that can be used:

v      Script Delivery Drawer- this drawer is suited for complex equipment that has a large facility. It ensures a high level of efficiency in communication and security between the pharmacist and the patient.

v      Audio and Video Systems- these electronic devices are majorly used to improve the effectiveness of communication between the pharmacist and the patient. They are quite handy when things get busy when several patients need quick attention.

The beauty of the pharmacy drive thru equipment is that it allows you to handle both cash and drugs simultaneously. Depending on your needs and specifications, the manufacturer can design for you pharmacy drive thru equipment that appropriately meets your needs.

The pharmacy drive thru equipment is also fitted with bulletproof windows as a candid security measure. These windows come in different designs, configurations and colors.

Since the equipment is majorly made up of steel and other easily available materials, it is quite affordable with unmatched durability. It also ensures that the pharmacist at the counter doesn’t run short of medical supplies from the store. The durability quality also ensures a lot of cost savings in regular repairs and maintenance in contrast to the otherwise high transportation that would be incurred in hiring persons.

The pharmacy drive thru equipment is easy to use, so there are no training costs applicable. Make your pharmacy a perfect model in customer service delivery today by acquiring pharmacy drive thru equipment.

Bank Drive Thru

This is a system which enables customers to purchase products or enjoy certain services from the comfort of their cars. The first bank drive thru was first used in the US in the early 1930s. It was particularly used in conglomerate shopping centers where the customers could purchase their products without leaving their vehicle. Several other countries especially in Europe have since embraced the use of bank drive thru equipment.

The first bank drive thru equipment was applied by City Center Bank in 1928. The Grand National Bank at St Louis in Missouri closely followed in 1930. It only allowed customers to deposit. To make any withdrawals, customers had to get out of their cars. However, this has changed because all transactions can now be done with the bank drive thru equipment.

There is a tendency to think that a bank drive thru is only used in banks, like the name suggests but this is not the case. A common area where the bank drive thru equipment is applied these days includes:

  • Postal and telecommunication services to deliver mails to their clients
  • Coffee shops to deliver coffee to their customers in the car
  • Drugs and prescriptions are given via the drive thru equipment at a pharmacy
  • In funeral homes, the mourners can drive through these windows and view the remains of the loved one
  • In restaurants, the bank drive thru is used by customers to make orders and be served their orders from the comfort of their cars.

Once the bank drive thru way is correctly labeled with all the safety signs then the firm also ensures that they incur minimum insurance and liability costs. Improve the level of efficiency and effectiveness in your firm today by acquiring the bank drive thru equipment.

Bank Drive Thru Tubes

Banking business is one of the busiest forms of business on the planet. Banking also requires a lot of accuracy in recording, counting and handling very sensitive documents of customers. And for the bank to successfully achieve its primary goals, it requires a lot of communication with other clients.

Banks have incurred a lot in transportation and communications costs owing to the methods applied. It has been established that the bank drive thru tubes save banks amounts ranging to millions of dollars, especially when compared to using couriers.

Manufacturers have not classified the different bank drive thru tubes available. However, we can identify them as:

  • Box bank drive thru tubes- these tubes are very common. Like the name suggests, they are actually made much like the ordinary box which is then fitted to the pneumatic carrier. Even though some consider them old-fashioned, it is very secure.
  • Side opening bank drive thru tubes- they are only opened at the side in a bid to load or offload. As such, the operator can only load or offload from one particular side. The side opening bank drive thru tube is designed in several different colors and designs.
  • End opening bank drive thru tubes these tubes can only be opened at the ends just like the name says. Like the side opening bank drive thru tubes, they are designed with different specifications, sizes and colors depending on the client needs.

Bank drive thru tubes are associated with several advantages:

  • They are user friendly and therefore very easy to use. A company doesn’t need to incur training costs in order to operate them.
  • They are quite affordable since they are made of steel and other cheaply available raw materials. They are also very durable.
  • Bank drive thru tubes ensure maximum safety of the clients and their items, especially if the signs are well labeled and put into use.

Bank Drive Thru Tube

Possibly you’ve heard of bank drive thru equipment before. It is also possible that you’ve been served from a bank when you are seated in your car. This ideally means that you have enjoyed the services of a bank drive thru tube. It is basically a set of equipment that allows for communication between two different parties.

Different industries have reported a reduction in the overall total costs ranging to millions of dollars in transportation, thanks to the bank drive thru tube. It has made transportation and communication faster, more efficient, effective and to a great extent effortless.

The first bank drive thru tube was put into use in 1928 in New York and since then, the banking industry, alongside several other industries, has embraced the bank drive thru tube. Large plastic containers known as pneumatic carriers are fitted into pneumatic tubes to facilitate the safe harboring and carrying of a load.

There are two types of pneumatic carriers in a bank drive thru tube:

  • Single carrier- it allows items to be carried only one way. Items in the single carrier are primarily carried by means of pushing.
  • Multicarrier- it allows items to be sent and received concurrently. Items in the multicarrier are carried by both pushing and pulling.

A powerful set of equipment, bank drive thru tubes usually work by means of pressure, a vacuum, or both. The system has powerful mechanics which enable it to determine the carrier with which a given load will be carried based on the weight. Lighter materials are carried by means of a vacuum while the heavier ones are propelled by pressure.

The bank drive thru has a computer control center which makes it very easy for the user to operate it. It is also designed in such a way that it can be easily dismantled to allow for any kind of expansions.

Bank Drive Thru Equipment

The development of bank drive thru equipment is a turnaround in technology which has revolutionized operations not only in banks but also in other industries. In order to satisfy customers and improve the profit level expected, effective and efficient communication in a bank is very essential.

In order to meet all these prime requirements of banks, several firms are now involved in the manufacture of the bank drive thru equipment. They come with different specifications, colors and sizes depending on the needs of the user.

The bank drive thru equipment is a complex composition of simple machinery, scientific processed and organized systems composed of:

  • A computer control center
  • Diverters
  • Carriers
  • Blowers

Diverters allow for the expansion and alteration of the equipment. On the other hand, carriers facilitate delivery of the load to the intended destination.

Even though not scientifically classified, we can categorize bank drive thru equipment into two groups based on their functions:

  • Multi air tube carrier- it allows for a two-way form of communication. That is, sending and receiving items simultaneously.
  • Single air tube carrier- it allows for a one-way form of communication. That is, either sending or receiving one item at a time.

Different banks select different sets of equipment depending on their individual needs. Fast growing banks need bank drive thru equipment that allows for easy dismantling and expansion in order to handle the swelling numbers of customers.

The bank drive thru equipment has a bank teller system which enables the bankers to communicate amongst themselves, send and receive change, checks and other vital documents.

Other than the durable service it accords the client for several years, the bank drive thru equipment is user friendly and quite affordable. Try the bank drive thru equipment today for a uniquely intriguing perfect customer service and value creation to the customers of your firm.