Bank Drive Thru Tubes

Banking business is one of the busiest forms of business on the planet. Banking also requires a lot of accuracy in recording, counting and handling very sensitive documents of customers. And for the bank to successfully achieve its primary goals, it requires a lot of communication with other clients.

Banks have incurred a lot in transportation and communications costs owing to the methods applied. It has been established that the bank drive thru tubes save banks amounts ranging to millions of dollars, especially when compared to using couriers.

Manufacturers have not classified the different bank drive thru tubes available. However, we can identify them as:

  • Box bank drive thru tubes- these tubes are very common. Like the name suggests, they are actually made much like the ordinary box which is then fitted to the pneumatic carrier. Even though some consider them old-fashioned, it is very secure.
  • Side opening bank drive thru tubes- they are only opened at the side in a bid to load or offload. As such, the operator can only load or offload from one particular side. The side opening bank drive thru tube is designed in several different colors and designs.
  • End opening bank drive thru tubes these tubes can only be opened at the ends just like the name says. Like the side opening bank drive thru tubes, they are designed with different specifications, sizes and colors depending on the client needs.

Bank drive thru tubes are associated with several advantages:

  • They are user friendly and therefore very easy to use. A company doesn’t need to incur training costs in order to operate them.
  • They are quite affordable since they are made of steel and other cheaply available raw materials. They are also very durable.
  • Bank drive thru tubes ensure maximum safety of the clients and their items, especially if the signs are well labeled and put into use.

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